The new Ford Mustang is coming soon!

Ford has announced that it is working on the 7th generation Ford Mustang. The sports car will be unveiled in 2023 with marketing scheduled for the end of 2023.

It is a mythical model which discreetly returns to the front of the stage. Ford management, during the presentation of the group’s investments, confirmed that the company was working on the design of the next Mustang. Very little information has so far been given by the American show, but the first visuals of this future sport could arrive quickly.

Ford Mustang V8 or electric?

The American firm is therefore preparing to produce the 7th generation Mustang. The future sporty prancing horse will still be produced in factories in Flat Rock, Michigan. Ford hinted in his teaser videothe presence of a gearbox, which suggests that the next Mustang will retain a internal combustion engine. Good news when you know that Ford wants to become the world leader in the electric vehicle market. The next Mustang could therefore retain its mythical V8to the delight of enthusiasts.

The American manufacturer could also propose a hybrid engine (see electric) for its next Mustang. During the presentation, Ali Jammoul, the managing director of Ford Performance, clarified that he could not guarantee that Ford “will forever keep a manual gearbox” for his Mustang. “It is clear that there will be more electrification and manual gearboxes will no longer be available in the future.”

The new Mustang could be presented in the second quarter of 2023for marketing in the same year.

Few changes in outlook

This unexpected announcement from Ford obviously sparked a lot of reactions. Especially since the next Ford Mustang would have been seen, on test, on American roads. Fans who have been able to approach the new sports car have tried to provide some details on the next model. The next Mustang should retain the 2.3 4-cylinder engine and 5.0 V8 engine “Coyote”. The design of the car should not change drastically with the 6th generation, although the rear could be closer to the historic models of the 50s. Inside, the cabin philosophy should also remain close to the previous generation. Information obviously not confirmed by Ford.

New Ranger and new factories

In addition to the new Ford Mustang, the automaker also announced theupcoming arrival of the new Ranger, which will be produced at the Wayne, Michigan facility. The smallest pick-up in the Ford range will certainly be equipped with a hybrid or even electric engine. Ford will also invest more than $3 billion in new factories. This investment should allow the manufacturer to increase production of its Ford 150 Lightning, as well as the production of its hybrid and electric models. In total, Ford has invest $50 billion by 2026 in electric vehicles. Investments that will make it possible to recruit 3,200 people in all the factories concerned.

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