Switzerland finally authorizes circuit racing, after 66 years of absence!

Soon a Swiss Grand Prix? Without getting there, the Swiss country should at least soon reconnect with motorsport on its land.

Rich in chocolate, beautiful roads and talented drivers, Switzerland has a fatal flaw for motorsport fans: since 1956, races have been held there. strictly prohibited. Finally, not always so strictly, since some events were still held there, including hill climbs and two Formula E ePrix, which had received an exemption since electric.

But in 2022, this 66-year-old ban is set to be lifted. For the record, the Swiss government had introduced, in reaction to the tragedy of the 1955 24 Hours of Le Mans (83 dead), a total ban on circuit racing in public. It is the famous article 52 of the Swiss federal law :

“It is forbidden to carry out circuit races with motor vehicles of a public nature. The Federal Council may authorize certain exceptions or impose a ban on automobile competitions of another kind; in making his decision, he will mainly take into account safety requirements and traffic education. »

Switzerland: Article 52 soon to be abolished, the return of circuit racing!

A historic law, and a unique positioning in Europe. But despite an increasingly repressive context against the automobile and motor sports in general, Switzerland will reconsider its decision. Indeed, according to the Swiss media Le Matin, the abolition of article 52 was passed by 27 votes against 15 by the Council of States. And if the final decision is not yet ratified, because this measure is integrated into a broader reform which remains to be voted on. The return of motorsport to Switzerland should be quickly acted.

On the other hand, the timing of this measure may raise questions. Indeed, Switzerland does not have no permanent circuit to host a large-scale event such as Formula 1, endurance or MotoGP. And Formula E has already managed to race in the country despite the ban. And public opinion on the fight against global warming, the price of fuels, and the explosion in the price of new cars, does not form an ideal framework for the arrival of new competitions. But the Swiss government may have more ideas…

Still, the Swiss should soon be able to take advantage of local races. Good news for our Swiss neighbours!

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