Rendez-vous aux jardins 2022: dates and program by region

Back from June 3 to 5, 2022, Rendez-vous aux jardins opens the doors to the most beautiful gardens in France, regardless of the region where you are. The occasion, too good, to meet the actors of the landscape the time of a weekend in the green. Dates, theme and program of the event near you.

[Mise à jour du 03 juin 2022 à 16h] Garden lovers, here is an event that should please you! Organized by the Ministry of Culture, Rendez-vous aux jardins invites amateurs and neophytes each year to discover the variety of parks and gardens in France and Europe while promoting the exchanges with plant stakeholders. Want to discover the 2022 edition? Here is everything you need to know about this event around nature.

What are the dates for Rendez-vous aux jardins?

After an edition on the theme of “transmission of knowledge”, the Rendez-vous aux jardins event will take place from June 3 to 5, 2022 in all of France. Friday will be more particularly dedicated to school groups. Throughout the weekend, you can meet all those involved in the garden, whether gardeners, landscapers, botanists or simply owners to share their passion and their knowledge. A beautiful program in perspective!

What is the theme of Rendez-vous aux jardins 2022?

For its 19th edition, Rendez-vous aux jardins will have as its theme “gardens in the face of climate change”. The event will be an opportunity to look into the effects of global warming in the garden: change in the rhythm of the seasons, appearance of new parasites, new plant palette… Professionals in the sector will also present the actions implemented to adapt the gardening practices and preserving biodiversity.

What is the program in each region?

Note that on Friday June 3, Rendez-vous aux jardins is reserved for schoolchildren and on Saturday June 4 and Sunday June 5, for the general public. More than 2,200 parks and gardens in France and 500 in Europe, join the event. Whether you live in Paris, Charentes, Gironde, Normandy, New Aquitaine or the Jura… you will therefore necessarily find a place to visit near you!

Private and public gardens, from the vast park to the more intimate, historical or contemporary gardens open their doors during the weekend. At each edition, new gardens are open to the public for the first time in order to discover hidden nuggets and other gardens are exceptionally open. Among them :

  • In Ile-de-France: Gardens of Bressault, Essonne (91)
  • In the Great East: Garden of pleasures, Bas-Rhin (67)
  • In Pays de la Loire: Allotment gardens in Laval, Mayenne (53)
  • In Brittany: Vert’Tige garden and nursery, Côtes-d’Armor (22)
  • In Centre-Val de Loire: Garden of small fields, Indre-et-Loire (37)
  • In Burgundy Franche-Comté: Renaudière Garden, Saône-et-Loire (71)
  • In Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes: Cartridge Factory Park – Bernard Piras, Drôme (26)
  • In New Aquitaine: Sayette Park, Deux-Sèvres (79)
  • In Normandy: Garden circuit in Lion-sur-Mer, Calvados (14)
  • In Occitania: shared gardens of Aiguebelle, Aude (11); Cal Mateu vegetable garden of the Cerdagne museum, Pyrénées-Orientales (66)
  • In Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur: Gardens of Vives-eaux, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence (04)

Depending on the region, circuits allow you to enjoy visiting several gardens of different styles in a nearby area. The circuits are offered in Ariège (09), Charentes-Maritime (17), Loiret (45), Manche (50), Pyrenees Atlantiques (64), Var (83), Seine-et- Marne (77) and many others to be found on the event website.

It is also an opportunity to participate in educational workshops, guided tours, exhibitions, conferences and shows. To find the list of open parks and gardens as well as the list of events, region by region, go to where an interactive map makes it easy to find addresses near your home. Please note that the guided tours and certain activities take place on registration by contacting the chosen event directly.

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