Judith Barsi, child star killed by her father

A real budding star in the 1980s in the United States, Judith Barsi would have been 44 years old on June 6. The girl was murdered by her father when she was only ten years old. Back to a tragic fate.

Born on June 6, 1978 in California to two modest parents of Hungarian origin, Judith Barsi was registered from an early age by her mother in a considerable number of castings. From the age of two, she continues the auditions and ends up being spotted while she is in the process of to play on a skating rink. From then on, she started a career as an actress in commercials, 72 in totalwith appearances notably for McDonald’s Where Layswhere her baby look appeals to American viewers.

A meteoric rise

After the advertisements will come TV series like The Fifth Dimension, Punky Brewster, The Fun Cruise or What’s up Doc ? We also see it in the cinema in Jaws 4: The payback. Then the little girl lends her voice to the film The Little Dinosaur and the Valley of Wonders.

Despite the growing success and the money that accumulates, her mother does everything for her to have a normal childhood. However, the girl grows up in an unstable home.

His father is a alcoholic and violent plumberwho becomes increasingly jealous and abusive towards his daughter.

Many times, social services are alerted but the case is dismissed. On multiple occasions, he behaves aggressively with kitchen knives that he put directly around his daughter’s neck.

A budding glory stopped by the madness of a jealous father

During a shoot, the father, Joszef, puts pressure on the mother and daughter, telling them that if they don’t come back immediately after the shoot, he will find them and kill them.

One summer evening in 1988, while hanging out in his garage, he discovered suitcases ready to go. He then understands that the mother is going to flee for good with her daughter.

Mad with rage, this brutal husband goes to his daughter Judith’s bedroom and shoots her in the head. He then met the same fate for his wife.

Two days later, their killer douses both bodies with gasoline then set the house on fire.

He commits suicide with a shot to the temple. There is no one left of the family.

The death of the little actress Judith Barsi adds to the long list of child stars who died tragically, in which appear the names of river phoenix Where Jonathan Brandis.

Sad irony of history, Judith Barsi had briefly played in An intimate convictionthe role of a young girl murdered by her own father.

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