Judicial victory for Jeremstar on Aqababe: the summary of the case and the consequences to come

After more than four years of waiting, the Paris Public Prosecutor’s Office has finally delivered its verdict in the Jeremstar Gate case which pits Lyon influencer Jérémy Gisclon, alias Jeremstar, against Aniss Zitouni alias Aqababe, an internet user who accused the star of pedophilia web. The young man of 22 years has just been sentenced to 12,000 euros in damages. And although he decided to appeal, the story does not end there since he is being prosecuted on several other counts. Brief summary of the facts.

The information fell last night: this Thursday, June 2, Jeremstar has won a large part of the major legal battle that has pitted him since 2018 against Internet user Aqababe. After more than four years of waiting, Aniss Zitouni, 22, has just been found guilty of public defamation, public insults and public insults on the grounds of sexual orientation towards the Lyon influencer at 2.2 million followers on Instagram. In this context, the Paris Criminal Court has ordered to pay 12,000 euros in damages to the star of the web. A meaningful decision, immediately welcomed by Jeremstar: “I thank justice for understanding social networks better and better and for grasping the urgency of cyberbullying, defamatory remarks and hate online”, he told reporters Figaro. According to the latest information, Aqababe would have decided to appeal but he is still targeted by a second procedurewhich Jeremstar is also behind, for digital harassment, invasion of privacy, death threats. “Another procedure is underway and I hope to obtain another conviction by the end of the year”explained the Lyonnais.

The JeremstarGate: the case that cost Jeremstar dearly

The now 35-year-old Lyonnais’ nightmare began in 2018 when a user calling himself Aqababe launches the JeremstarGate. He then sees his name associated with a large-scale pedophilia scandal. After accusing him of stealing videos from him, Aniss Zitouni broadcasts a pseudo video of Jeremstar masturbating. And it goes further, going up to to involve the star in a sordid story of pedophilia incriminating one of his dating at the time, Pascal Cardonna alias Babybel. As a reminder, the latter was sentenced on January 4, 2022 by the Nîmes court to two years’ imprisonment, including 18 months suspended, when he was found guilty of corruption of a minor, direct provocation of a minor for consumption. excessive alcohol, sexual assault on a 15-year-old minor and recourse to prostitution of a minor.

In exchange for a meeting with Jeremstar, this former radio executive indeed offered sex to many men, sometimes minors. Jeremstar, who has since been fully cleared, had therefore immediately been embroiled in a huge media scandal which cost him dearly, both professionally and personally. He admits, even today, this story has repercussions on his life. “It’s still hell. I still spend my life justifying myself on the fact that I have never been implicated. I am called a pedophile”he told the Paris prosecutor’s office.

Jeremstar’s relentless fight against cyberbullying

It is therefore a another victory for Jérémy Gisclon who had already been vindicated by justice in another case, this time opposing him to journalist Olivier Porri Santoro. A few months ago, the latter was sentenced to one year in prison, including four months, and 6,000 euros in damages for digital harassment. Jeremstar makes no secret of it: he leads a fierce fight against cyberbullying and has even opened a listening and mutual aid platform, Harcèlement Online. “This new legal victory (against Aqababe, editor’s note) is part of my fight against harassment. Defamation is one of the weapons and tools used by cyber aggressors online today”wrote Jeremstar in a press release released on June 02, 2022 on social networks.

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