HS clutch at 26,600 km, a repair costing THOUSANDS of euros!

This motorist has lost all confidence in her Sandero Stepway, victim of a clutch failure at less than 30,000 km, but also in Dacia, which refuses to recognize the defect of this element.

Residing in Grenoble (38), a motorist, faithful to Auto Plus, decides to change vehicle in 2016. In search of an economical car, accessible but also capable of facing the harsh climate of Isère, she opted for a new Dacia Sandero Stepway 0.9 TCe 90.

Our driver is a small wheeler. She walks less than 5000 km per year. Despite this, it is very attentive to respecting the maintenance schedules set by the manufacturer. Thereby, his car visits the dealer every year to be serviced. However, despite these precautions, the Sandero suddenly broke down at the end of last year: it was unable to shift gears.

An invoice of €2,522 for an out of service clutch

She then entrusts her car to the nearest dealer. One skilled in the art quickly determines that the clutch disc and thrust bearing, as well as the flywheel, must be replaced. An operation that our motorist cannot delay, because she has a great need for her car on a daily basis. It therefore regulates the €2,522 claimed by the dealer, not without being surprised that the brand does not support part of this amount.

Our Grenoble woman accused of having inappropriate behavior

Contacted, the customer relations department is inflexible: according to him, and based on the findings of the dealership technician, the misuse she makes of her car is the source of this breakdown. No question, therefore, of making a move.

Our defense strategy

Improper driving can actually be the cause of accelerated clutch wear. But, in this case, the disc gives up the ghost long before the flywheel. On the Sandero of our motorist, it is visibly the opposite which occurred, a problem with the flywheel causing premature wear of the clutch. Dacia’s responsibility is therefore engaged here, especially since the problem of this motorist is far from isolated. And the builder must reimburse his client 80% of invoice paid.

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