De Tomaso P72: The resurrection announced!

It was during the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​in 2019 that the Italian brand De Tomaso returned to the front of the stage. Indeed, it has disappeared for several years to then, today, reveal itself under a new facet. For this, De Tomaso marked this rebirth with a P72; a vehicle exceeding 700 HP and which will be produced in only 72 copies all over the world…

FromTomaso ? All car enthusiasts know this legendary brand! It’s about of an Italian car manufacturer that appeared in the years 1959specializing in the production of sports and competition cars. Unfortunately, this automotive genius experienced major problems that cost him dearly…

De Tomaso P72 makes an unforgettable comeback!

the prototype of the De Tomaso P72 has been unveiled during the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​2019. 60 years after the birth of the De Tomaso brand. All enthusiasts are impatiently awaiting the release of the first models among the 72 units scheduled for next year. But last weekend, a prototype in baby blue color was spotted near Lake Como, Italy. Has production already started?

A beauty… perpetual

Seeing, even just glimpsing the supercar is enough to make us even more hooked. To sum up in a few words, De Tomaso P72 is a modern classic which brings together elegance and purity. Its chassis is made of carbon, it is powered by a engine with a power of 700hp. Inside, we find padded seats in white leather, aluminum in the center of the steering wheel and above all a manual gearbox. This superb De Tomaso P72 was supposed to be produced in a factory in the USA. But the Covid has been there and this forecast could not be finalized. Finally, the production will be European! The production of the 72 copies will take place in a factory near the Nurburgring. The De Tomaso P72 will be sold at €750,000 each.

De Tomaso P72: quite a story

De Tomaso P72 sounds the resurrection of the Italian brand who disappeared for more than 10 years. In reality, the brand ceased all activity in 2004, following a rather chaotic financial situation! It has been redeemed so that it can now be reborn from its ashes. The P72 was created to revive the brand and celebrate with dignity the 60 years of De Tomaso! True ode to the P70 of the 60s developed in collaboration with Carroll Shelby.

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