Chased out of a restaurant because of her veil: the restaurateur summoned to court

Last Sunday, this restaurant in Hendaye, in the Basque country, refused to welcome a veiled woman, calling her a “woman dressed like in prehistory”. She will have to answer for her actions before a judge in September.

[Mis à jour le 3 juin 2022 à 15h17]. Sunday May 29, a woman had been refused at the entrance to a restaurant in Hendaye, in the Basque Country, on the pretext that she was veiled, reported the Sud Ouest newspaper. The scene had been filmed by her son who intended to invite her there for Mother’s Day. According to the intention announced at the time by the latter, by broadcasting his indignation on social networks, he then filed a discrimination complaint at the Pau police station. Consequently, the restaurateur received a summons from the court and will have to explain his behavior in court next September.

An abundantly shared and commented video

Shared on social networks, the video has been viewed tens of thousands of times and angered netizens. In particular because we distinctly hear the restaurateur declare that she does not want to welcome a “woman dressed as in prehistoric times” in his establishment.

“I wished surprise my mom. It had been twenty-one years since we had had a moment like this and I knew that eating by the ocean would make him happy, explained his son to reporters. But we didn’t have time to go through the door that this person jumped on us, accusing my mother of wearing the veil, of dressing in a prehistoric way and others derogatory thoughts“.

The restaurateur had stuck to her guns

Sticking to her position, the restorer said she would not accept anything “of what may be akin to a female submission tool“. Accused of “racism” and “discrimination” on its social networks, the restaurant is now the subject of a call for boycott. The son filed a complaint for discrimination at the Pau police station. The restaurateur therefore incurs criminal penalties, insofar as even if the law of October 11, 2010 prohibits clothing hiding the face, it is indeed authorized to wear a scarf tied around the face in public space.

Many restaurants refusing to serve veiled women are denounced in the media or on social networks. In 2020 in particular, the Parisian relayed the video of a group of women turned away from the prestigious restaurant Le Matignon because one of them was veiled. The establishment had refused to serve another group of veiled women that evening, further asserting its Islamophobic stance. Shared on social networks, the video had been viewed over a million times.

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