A Renault Arkana delivered within 30 days, Renault's promise

While delivery times for new vehicles are getting longer, Renault promises delivery within 30 days of its Arkana SUV thanks to a special offer. However, there are several conditions to be met in order to benefit from it.

Shortage of parts, economic crisis, conflicts, health crisis… The automotive world is strongly shaken by the global geopolitical context. The prices of new or used cars are skyrocketing. Delivery times are getting longer. To the extent that some new models will not be delivered until next year, especially those with electrical technology. As a result, sales are collapsing and motorists are struggling to change cars.

To overcome this delivery problem, Renault has been offering since June 1 a “Fast Track” offer on his Renault Arkana. The promise delivery within 30 dayswithin the limits of available stocks, in metropolitan France and under certain conditions.

A mandatory Renault Arkana RS Line finish

The only version of the Renault Arkana available via the “Fast Track” is the RS Line finish, with a 145 hp E-Tech hybrid engine. 3 body colors are available: metallic black, metallic gray and pearl white. The last two colors are necessarily two-tone, with a black roof. The price starts from €38,630. The Fast Track offer is also accessible in LLD 49 months, 40,000 km maximum. Subject to recovery and after a first rent of €3,500, the amount of the monthly payment starts at best at €339 / month.

The RS Line package includes several elements of customization and unique design such as the 18-inch Silverstone diamond rims, a 10-inch on-board screen, a double exhaust outlet or even a specific light signature.

Hybridization without branching

Hybrid technology E-Tech 145 used on the Arkana does not allow recharge the vehicle via a charging station. The battery recharges automatically thanks to the regenerative braking. The vehicle is also available with two other engines of 140 and 160 hpbut you will have to choose another finish, on which the “Fast Track” offer does not apply.

A period of 30 days… which can be extended

Even if Renault promises a maximum delivery time of 30 days, the manufacturer issues some conditions. If you want to add accessories or additional options, delivery may take longer. If the Renault team realizes that there is a technical problem with the vehicle, or in the event of force majeure, this period may also be extended.

The offer will expire at the end of June.

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