Why is rental between individuals exploding?

In recent months, car rental between individuals has experienced a real boom. But what explains this phenomenon?

While the big holidays are fast approaching, to the delight of children but especially parents, many French people are slowly starting to prepare for their next departure. While some will travel abroad, while the restrictions linked to the health crisis have greatly eased in other countries around the world, many will remain in France. And like last year, a large number of holidaymakers should favor the car to get to their holiday destination. If many opt for rental, especially in agencies, another trend has been developing massively for a few weeks already: rental between individuals. This is experiencing a real boom, while the OuiCar platform has recorded a 50% jump in reservations for the Ascension Bridge compared to last year.

An easily explained success

But then, what explains this sudden success for car rental between individuals? To tell the truth, the cause lies in particular in the current crisis, and in particular that of the shortage of semiconductors. Indeed, while the production of new cars and deliveries are slowed down, rental agencies can no longer benefit from discounts from manufacturers, who are bearing the brunt of the crisis and who are pausing commercial offers. The renters therefore pay more, and must therefore pass this increase on to the customer, so as not to lose their profits.

A rising price

Logically, the price of the rental increases, with an increase of up to 100% in prices for a week. This is why many French people today opt for rental between individuals, which can cost up to five times less than between professionals. A real advantage, which also benefits the owner of the car who can thus supplement his ends of the month.

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