Speeding: The CRAZY technique of "It's not me"!

On Tuesday, May 31, the judge of Saint-Malo made a discovery that was surprising to say the least! He looked at nearly 10 similar cases in which accused drivers insinuate fraudulent remarks, just to escape a speeding fine. Such is the case of this woman, prosecuted for having exceeded the speed limit.

Who has never had to pay a speeding fine, no matter how small? The law stipulates that when speed limits are not respected, a fine will be assigned to the defendants. This fine will vary according to the extent of the offense committed.

Focus and reminder on speeding

We all know that speed is limited everywhere, on any road network, except on certain sections of the German Autobahn, the famous unlimited Autobahn! As stated above, infringements related to this limit are sanctioned either by a direct fine, or by a fine to be paid later and by the withdrawal of points on the driving licence. The gendarmes are very strict on this point, because speed is the main cause of road deaths.

An identity usurped more than 2,000 times to escape a fine?

In Saint-Malo, a 38-year-old woman driver was prosecuted by the gendarmerie for speeding. She explains that her car was borrowed by a friend and that it was not she who was driving her vehicle at the time of the offense. An excuse used more than a thousand times! A technique typically used by drivers wanting to escape a sanction. A judge has also investigated identical cases. It’s impressive ! The defendants usually designate another foreign person as the driver of their vehicle: English, Italian, Belgian, etc. Thus, they hope that the charges will be dropped and above all, they want to escape the withdrawal of points on the licence!

The police did not let it go!

Since the case of this woman has become regular and is spreading a little more than usual, the gendarmes are not (no longer) so easily cajoled! Each case is carefully examined and each excess is subject to a fine; in order to promote road safety…

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Did you know that your speeding pays big money to the state? The government has never hidden the figures! And how much is it?

Last year, a Czech citizen was driving over 400 km/h on the Autobahn! An action that was taken to court, but no sanction was retained!

Road safety experts believe that the speed limit should be lowered to 80 km/h. A decision based on the far too high death rate due to speeding!

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