Michel Sardou "gets out if he wins": "Danger", Back on stage, His wife who "tamed the Beast"

Michel Sardou is ready to leave France if his fear comes true. The 75-year-old singer spoke of a return to the stage and confided in his wife who “tamed the Beast”, with Paris Match…

Michel Sardou, back with new songs? The interpreter of Connemara Lakesno longer want to write” but is thinking about a possible comeback on stage, he who had nevertheless said goodbye to the song in 2018. “Let’s say we have to think. Do not make a return for a return. It has to make sense. Maybe it will come“, confided the artist to Paris Match. Despite everything, Michel Sardou don’t get bored” in Normandy, where he resides in his house in Deauville with his wife, Anne-Marie Périer. “I work, I watch the news“, he assured. In addition, the interpreter of Singing getting ready to do his return to the big screenin a film by Olivier Marchal.

He is especially very happy with his life together with his wife: “She takes care of everything, because she has an intelligence that I love. She’s critical in a good way and she takes things slowly. She was able to tame The Beast“.

Michel Sardou, ready to leave France? “If he wins, I’m out”

But Michel Sardou could he leave France? The singer does not exclude this possibility … if Jean-Luc Melenchon became Prime Minister after the legislative results, in June! “Mélenchon is always in excess. Now he declares himself Prime Minister… Attention danger! If he wins, I’m off. Or else I declare Normandy a duchy and I put barriers everywhere“, confided the artist, in Paris Match.

According to an Elabe poll for The Express and BFM-TVthe Nudes, the union of the left, would collect 25% of the vote in the first round of the legislative elections, that is to say a little more than the movement Together, of the presidential camp (24.5%). Will the 75-year-old singer go into exile there, in Connemara?

Michel Sardou: why does Macron “piss him off”

Anyway, the singer is disappointed with politicians. “There is more enthusiasm, more characters to match. Mitterrand had the charisma. Rocard gave hope. Chirac was sympathetic and had created a bond. I like men with personality. It comes to me from the army, you need to believe in someone. There was a little moment with Sarkozy, but it didn’t. Today there is only doubt“, he lamented.

As for Emmanuel Macron, Michel Sardou no longer believes in his promises; “He’s a smart guy. I might like it. Except what he says, he doesn’t do. It’s annoying nonetheless. With him, everything drowns in heaps of words. On pensions, for example, we no longer know what he wants to do, and yet we are just coming out of the countryside. Its ‘at the same time’ pisses me off“.

Michel Sardou tackles the “current generation”

The singer is deeply disappointed with the current times and does not hide his nostalgia for the 70s and 80s. “With Johnny, Claude Francois, Eddy Mitchell, we were real friends without any rivalry. A kind of family. We had a lot of fun in the Carpentier shows“, he confided to Paris Matchbefore regretting: “The current generationit is each in his corner. It is true that I’m a little nostalgic“.

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