Macron in Marseille: school of the future, sport, return of maths

During a trip to Marseille, Emmanuel Macron announced new measures for the start of the school year in September: 30 minutes of sport per day compulsory at school, as well as the return of mathematics in the common core in Première.

Emmanuel Macron and Pap Ndiaye in Marseille: what announcements for the start of the school year?

[Mise à jour du 2 juin à 18h01]. The new Minister of National Education and Youth, Pap Ndiaye, was on the move this June 2 in Marseille, alongside the President of the Republic, to visit one of the 59 “schools of the future” tested in Marseille, which could be generalized at the national level from the next school year.

30 minutes of sport per day at school

First announcement from the President, elementary school students will have thirty minutes of sport daily, in addition to PE hours. “It’s a real revolution, to both learn better (…) and have a real health prevention policy to fight against obesity and the sedentary lifestyle of many of our children and teenagers” declared Emmanuel Macron.

Return of maths in the common core at the start of the school year

Emmanuel Macron also confirmed the return of “optional” mathematics in the common core in Première from September 2022. It thus confirms the return of this discipline as an option from the Première. while the subject had become optional, appearing in the choice of student specialties. “In accordance with the commitments of the President of the Republic, the Minister of National Education and Youth has decided to reintroduce from this start of the 2022 school year a mathematics course in the common core in the 1st class, at the rate of an hour and a half per week. As a transitional measure, for the 2022-2023 school year, this teaching will be offered on an optional basis to 1st class students who have not chosen the mathematics speciality. specifies the Ministry of National Education in a press release of June 2, 2022. Thus, this new scientific and mathematical teaching will be increased to 3 hours 30 per week (compared to 2 hours currently). It will be assessed as part of continuous assessment, without modifying the coefficient currently attributed to scientific education (coefficient 3 for the year of 1ère).

What is the school of the future?

These schools of the future, experimented in Marseille, bring greater autonomy to primary schools, in particular by allowing headteachers to recruit their own teachers. Traveling to Marseille on Thursday June 2, 2022, Emmanuel Macron reassures: “we are never going to get the heads of establishment to make their own transfer window”. What to answer, on the other hand, teacher shortage which worries the academies. But concretely, according to Virginie Akliouat, spokesperson for Snuipp-FSU, a union of school teachers, “the test has not really started in the 59 schools“. she specifies to the Parisian.

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