Leave in case of miscarriage: a first French company opens the way

The company Critizr has introduced leave for its employees in the event of miscarriage or dysmenorrhea. A first called to inspire others?

Critizr, a specialist in customer interaction management, is the first in France to establish a miscarriage leave for its employees in France, Spain, Japan, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. In the event of a natural termination of pregnancy during the first 22 weeks, they will be able to benefit from 5 days off. As well as those who suffer from dysmenorrhea linked to endometriosis or another pathology will also be entitled to one or two days of monthly leave. Employees whose partner has suffered a miscarriage, whether she is part of the company or not, will also have 2 days off, details a press release from the company.

The employees concerned will be able to inform their management of this leave by email. without obligation to present a medical certificate. An initiative based on “trust so as not to add complexity to a painful event”, can we read. Critizr believes that the business world must take into consideration these events that occur in the lives of employees and work for “a space promoting gender equality in the workplace and the respect for physical and psychological health“.

Physical and psychological consequences

Especially since there are 23 million miscarriages each year worldwide, according to a study published in 2021 in The Lancet. A phenomenon whose impact has been “for a long time too understated“, while the physical and psychological consequences about women are real.

A miscarriage can thus become “a risk marker for obstetric complications, including premature birth, fetal growth restriction, placental abruption and stillbirth in future pregnancies”, specify the researchers. Just as she understandsa risk of anxiety, depressionpost-traumatic stress syndrome and suicide”. After several miscarriages, women can also have a blockage due to the trauma. Sometimes they need care, psychological support and in any case, time and support.

Paving the way for social change

Quebec and New Zealand have already set up leave for employees who have suffered a miscarriage., as well as for their spouse. Precursor of this initiative in France, Xavier Molinié, HRD of Critizr explains “desire, beyond our legal and conventional obligations, to support our employees during the difficult times they may go through and during which working may prove difficult – if not impossible”. Consideration of the reality faced by employees. “We want to be part of those who pave the way for future social changes”.

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