Hydrogen: the sector is experiencing strong growth

While France is working on the development of hydrogen, this fuel is experiencing strong growth in just one year.

It is a fuel with a future. While we have been hearing about hydrogen for a while now, with Toyota as a real precursor thanks in particular to its Mirai, this energy will still have taken some time to start to take off. But now, while Hyundai has also decided to get started for a while also with its Nexo, other manufacturers are also starting to take an interest in it. We think in particular of Renault, which unveiled its new concept only a few weeks ago. Scenic Vision, propelled by a motor using a fuel cell. It must be said that this fuel has many advantages, such as being clean in circulation, since it only releases water. Moreover, only a few minutes are needed to fill the tank. Be careful, because hydrogen is not free from defects either.

More and more success

Be that as it may, this fuel is attracting more and more people. According to the latest figures, the hydrogen sector has recorded an increase of 84% in just one year. A record increase, while it started from almost zero. What explains this figure is largely the opening of new stations, while France currently has about thirty, while more and more car brands are interested in them. We think in particular of Kia and Volkswagen, but also of the young manufacturer Hopium.

The map of France

Moreover, the government is also on its side that this motorization develops massively. He recently unveiled his Recovery planwhich notably aims to invest 7.2 billion euros in this new energy by 2030. This should notably involve the installation of new stations, in order to meet the growing needs of users.

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