Elizabeth II, feminist icon despite herself?  How the Queen has embodied female power for 70 years

Queen Elizabeth II has become an inspirational figure for women, having held command of a vast kingdom for 70 years in a world marked by patriarchy.

London is celebrating. Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her platinum jubilee this Thursday after 70 years of reign marked by scandals, conflicts, wars, encounters, births, bereavements, marriages and travels around the world. Iconic figure of the crown of England since the death of her father George VI in 1952, Elizabeth II has become despite herself, over time, a true feminist figure. Especially because the way she devoted herself to her task all her life, with perfection and poise, normalized “the idea that a woman can be in charge of a countryand at the controls, period,” explains Isabelle Rivère, author of the book, to TV5Monde. Birth of a queen (Ed. Fayard).

Elizabeth II, a woman of power in a man’s world

Elizabeth II is become queen in a world of predominantly male power. The sovereign has crossed the ages and has been confronted with dozens of British and foreign politicians. But her femininity seems to have been her strength. “I think that Elizabeth II, like those who preceded her, Victoria or Elizabeth I, installed a very positive overall vision of female power”, confirms Isabelle Rivère, thus evoking ” qualities of empathy, common sense and intelligence“.

A feminist queen in action more than in words?

These seventy years have been largely marked by the emancipation of women, both in terms of dress, professional and sexuality, and in our current relationship to motherhood, parenthood, the couple and the freedom to dispose of our bodies. , by resorting to means of contraception or abortion, for example. The place of women has been affirmed in Western societies, thus giving them more rights and recognition. Although discreet in its positions, the queen has sometimes spoken out in favor of this emancipation during her reign, especially in 1966 when she said that in “the modern world, women, thanks to their efforts, fully play their role”, quotes the author.

The queen reigns, but does not govern. She has therefore been able to speak out in favor of women in recent decades, without taking a position in the public or political debate related to gender equality. For example, she never mentioned the Metoo movement. “That is what custom imposes on constitutional monarchs. He’s someone who doesn’t let any personal opinion leak out.“, specifies Isabelle Rivère. Queen Elizabeth II has therefore become a feminist icon thanks to what she has embodied for 70 years, more than by the words she has made or the actions she has taken. not that we inspire our fellow human beings by the sole example of our behavior rather than by speeches?

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