Electric could dominate diesel and gasoline as early as June

While gasoline and diesel sales are down, electric cars could soon dominate the market.

It is now a long time ago when electric cars were still very marginal, and when coming across a Renault Zoé was an exception. The time when turning on a Tesla was commonplace, as the models of the brand of Elon Musk were rare. In recent years, things have indeed changed a great deal, in particular because of environmental standards ever stricter. While the European Union wants to effectively ban the sale of thermal cars by 2035, the market for zero-emission vehicles is experiencing a real boom. This is also explained by the sharp increase in supply, while the vast majority now have at least one connected model within their range. No wonder the market share of these vehicles has increased from 6.9 to 11.9% in just one year, between 2021 and 2022!

A great success

In fact, electric is so popular that it could end up dominating petrol and diesel, according to a report by NGC Data. This indeed underlines that “diesel and gasoline could no longer be the majority in the energy mix from June 2022 if current trends are confirmed in the coming weeks”. And for good reason, if sales of petrol and diesel models are down 22 and 28% respectively in May, while zero-emissions jumped 32% over the same period. In total, no less than 15,247 connected vehicles were sold last month in France.

Not all housed in the same boat

If we take a look at the detail of sales by manufacturer, we notice that not everyone is in the same boat. If the French giants show sharp declines (-26% for Peugeot, -24% for Citroën since the start of the year), others are doing quite well. This is particularly the case of MG Motors, whose sales have climbed 169% since January.

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