BMW M4 Competition: a limited edition "50 years BMW M"

BMW is celebrating 50 years of its BMW M sports division with a new “BMW M 50 Years Edition” special edition of the BMW M4 Competition.

This year, the BMW M sports division celebrates its fiftieth anniversary: ​​in fact, it was on May 24, 1972 that the company BMW Motorsport was created: 50 years later, the sports division of the Bavarian manufacturer is now called BMW Mand launches a new limited edition of its most famous coupé.

The BMW M4 Competition Coupe is the sporty version of the BMW 4 Series: it is now enriched with a new limited edition “BMW M 50 Years Edition”which features exclusive design elements, as well as specific equipment.

BMW M4 Competition “BMW M 50 Years Edition”: an exclusive look

This limited edition is distinguished on the outside by a body color palette inspired by the characteristic colors of the history of BMW M, which have been reissued for the occasion: Carbon Black, Macao Blue, Brands Hatch Grey, Imola Red or San Marino Blue.

Its exterior look is complemented by BMW specific logosproduced for the 50th anniversary of BMW M, as well as M forged rims 19 inches in the front and 20 inches in the rear. These have a double spoke design, and can be chosen in two shades: Orbit Gray and Gold Bronze.

BMW M4 Competition “BMW M 50 Years Edition”: 510 hp six-cylinder

Inside, there are several elements that differentiate the passenger compartment of the BMW M4 Competition Coupé “BMW M 50 Years Edition”: door sills specific bearing the colors of BMW and signed “Edition 50 Jahre BMW M” are appearing, while a metal plate is affixed to the center console, in front of the gearbox control lever.

Finally, a “Edition 50 Jahre BMW M” embroidery appears on the headrests of the M Sport seats offered as standard, while the M Carbon bucket seats are offered as an option for the driver and front passenger.

BMW M4 Competition “BMW M 50 Years Edition”: only 20 units

The BMW M4 Competition “BMW M 50 Years Edition” is powered by a turbocharged inline six-cylinder engine with a maximum output of 510 horsepower. The cavalry is transmitted to the four wheels thanks to the xDrive system and via an 8-speed dual-clutch gearbox.

If you are interested in the BMW M4 Competition “BMW M 50 Years Edition”, know that there will not be for everyone: indeed, this special series is limited to only 20 copies for France.

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