Mercedes-AMG One: the hypercar with an F1 engine finally in production!

An F1 engine for the road: this is the crazy bet of the Mercedes-AMG One. Here is finally the serial version!

AMG fans will have been waiting for it for a long time! But the standard Mercedes-AMG One is finally unveiled, after the presentation of a first draft in 2017. It must be said that the project, announced by Project One in Frankfurt 5 years ago, is very ambitious: adapting a Formula 1 engine in a road. But it is now done!

If the look has changed very little since 2017, the technical characteristics, necessarily hair-raising, are finally fixed. The Mercedes-AMG One is therefore 1,063 hp strong, all out of a 1.6L engine! Possibly a specific power record for the road…

A hybrid closely derived from the F1

In detail, we therefore find a 1.6 L V6 turbo, which can climb up to 11,000 rpm. If this block, closely derived from that which equips the single-seaters of Lewis Hamilton and George Russell in F1, develops “only” 574 hp, it is of course accompanied bya complex hybrid system. In total, the Mercedes-AMG One is indeed equipped with four electric motors. As in F1, one of them is the ” MGU-H“, which is responsible for accelerating the turbo to 100,000 rpm while waiting for the exhaust gases to take over. This engine alone makes 121 hp!

During the deceleration phase, this motor can then recover the kinetic energy of the turbo. This electricity can then be transmitted to the MGU-K, a 161 hp electric motor, mounted directly on the driveshaft. Finally, two motors are positioned on the front wheels, and offer 326 hp total. This is the main difference with the Formula 1 car, since the AMG One is therefore an all-wheel drive. Enough to propel the hypercar from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.9 seconds. A catapult, but a number that will disappoint fans of modern (and often electric) hypercars; accustomed to seeing figures falling below 2.5 s. It must be said that the AMG One, loaded with all its hybrid systems, weighs 1695kg all the same. But that does not prevent AMG from announcing a 0 to 200 km/h in 7 seconds!

Mercedes-AMG One: racing atmosphere!

The Mercedes-AMG One is also, officially, a plug-in hybrid. It is therefore capable of traveling 18 km in 100% electric mode according to the WLTP cycle. This benefits the official consumption figures, announced for only 8.7 L/100 km. A lot for a 1.6 L, ridiculous for a 1,063 hp monster…

The occupants of the Mercedes-AMG One will be entitled to a very racing atmosphere. And it starts with the steering wheel, rectangular and clearly inspired by the world of Formula 1. It brings together many functions, including a DRSand a temporary power boost mode. Six driving modes are also available: “EV” for 100% electric, “Race Safe” which is a classic hybrid mode, “Race”, a little more aggressive, “Race Plus”, which lowers the chassis by 37 mm and which is reserved for the track, a customizable “Individual” mode, and “Strat 2”, inspired by the F1 qualifying mode. The motor then draws all its power and drains its batteries for a maximum performance.

Mercedes-AMG One: what price?

Enough to stall the two occupants of the Mercedes-AMG One in their bucket seats! These are fixed, and integrated in the carbon shell of the hypercar. But the backrests can be adjusted to two positions, and the steering wheel and pedals are adjustable for an optimal position. Comfort obviously promises to be quite dry, but pilot and co-pilot will still be able to take advantage of a small storage space, two 10-inch screens, and two USB ports. History to respond to the reduced visibility, the central mirror is replaced by a camera. From there to taking this AMG One for a long-distance traveler…

The 275 copies planned are already reserved…

A program that makes your mouth water? Too bad, the 275 copies planned have all already been reserved. You would have needed just over 2.5 million euros all the same. Happy customers can expect delivery of their Mercedes-AMG One in a few months.

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