Kim Kardashian's House Secret to Growing Her Hair Faster

No more masks and ineffective hair care… Kourtney Kardashian has unveiled her sister Kim Kardashian’s beauty tip for adopting unparalleled shine and hair length: rice water. An accessible and economical method of which we reveal all the secrets.

You’ve always envied the thick, ultra-shiny hair of Kim Kardashian ? Good news, it is now possible to make it your own, thanks to rice water. An amazing technique, popularized by the sister of the main interested party, Kourtney, on his personal blog “Poosh”. Which, inspired by traditional Japanese beauty tips, consists of washing your hair with the water in which we have bathed or cooked our rice. Now viral on social networks, especially Tik Tok, on which the hashtag #Ricewater has recently emerged, this new capillary movement now has 532.3 million views. What make us want to in turn to inspire us.

How does rice water shampoo work?

According to the words of the wife of Travis Barker, the virtues of rice water on the hair are no longer to be proven: extreme shine, tenfold length growth, and optimized volume… So many benefits, to which the Journal of Cosmetic Science add power detangling, explaining at the same time the reason for its stunning results. Indeed, in the study published by the media, it is revealed that its antioxidant action is ultimately linked to the virtues delivered by rice, once infused in water. What Vitamin B, E, and minerals join the party in, to regenerate the hair fiber, and offer unprecedented benefits on almost all hair types! And for good reason, drying in some cases, this trick is to be banned for frizzy hair. It is therefore to be used with caution, even if you want to adopt hair similar to the instigator of the movement!

How to adopt rice water in your hair routine?

As the worthy sister of Kim Kardashian in the “recipe” that she delivers at the end of the article, carry out her shampoo with rice water is child’s play.

To start, the star of social networks begins by bringing:

  • from a bowl
  • a handful of organic rice, which she rinses before preparing the infusion.

Once the rice has been cleaned, Kourtney Kardashian therefore recommends pouring half a cup of water into the container on the material, which she comes to rest for about 1 hour. Once the time has elapsed, it’s time to filter the rice so as to keep only the water, before pouring it on our hair while massaging it. Then let it sit for 20 minutes and rinse. It’s your turn !

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