June 2022 horoscope: our predictions for your sign

Understand why the position of the stars in June is likely to strongly influence the course of the weeks to come for the natives of your sign.

How will the astral climate be in June?

After a particularly intense month of May, marked by a lunar eclipse and the presence of the Uranus / Sun duo, the situation will be much calmer in the astral sky in June. Saturn will begin its retrograde in the sign of Aquarius starting June 4. This phase will last until October 23. Mars positions itself in Aries and it will remain there until July 26th. The red planet, associated with the God of war, could create some tensions in the family sphere if you are a native of Taurus and the 2th decan of Scorpio. In this case, try to show restraint in your words if you are faced with an unexpected event that may jeopardize the plans you had for the summer. Just because you’ve decided something doesn’t mean everyone has to comply with it…

The signs most favored by the stars in June 2022

The astral conjuncture will be very favorable for the earth and water signs which benefit from the position of Uranus, Mercury and Venus in Taurus. The trio of planets will indeed preserve them from the harmful effects linked to the retrograde of Mercury. Thus, if you are a native of Cancer, everything will smile on you professionally and you will show boundless energy to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. For people born under the signs of Virgo and Capricorn, this particularly beneficial posture of the stars against you will result in an Olympic form and a love life in good shape! For you, this beginning of summer promises to be under the best auspices…

A month of June that promises to be stormy for certain astrological signs.

If you are a fan of astrology, you certainly know that periods during which Mercury retrogrades are often synonymous with tension and misunderstanding. On June 4, 2022, the planet will complete this phase begun on May 11 to position itself in Taurus. If you are a native of Scorpio, Sagittarius or Taurus, this astral climate could generate some tension… Unforeseen events are likely to interfere with the plans you had for the start of summer. If you do not want this situation to weigh on the balance of your family sphere, you will have to redouble your efforts not to allow yourself to be overwhelmed by the pressure that is likely to weigh on your shoulders.


Your motivation at work will be at its zenith for the home stretch of this second quarter. Your creativity will be matched only by your enthusiasm for getting involved in new projects. Your finances will also be positive. Just like your love life. You will end the spring period with a smile that big! Read the rest of the horoscope for June Aries.


It’s been a limping month of June for people born under your sign. There will be highs and lows and it will not always be easy to manage on a daily basis. As a result, you may have some mood swings. However, you will have to take this with philosophy and spare your entourage who will have nothing to do with it. Read the rest of the Taurus monthly horoscope.


Hot in front! Your month of June will be the theater of burning loves. Lots of eroticism in perspective. At work, you will keep a steady pace even if, sometimes, you will dream to see if the grass elsewhere is greener. As for your form, it will be more than acceptable. But that’s not bad, isn’t it? Read more about Gemini’s monthly horoscope for June.


In this month of June, you will always have so much fun at work. You will maintain your level of competitiveness and fighting spirit from the previous months. Even if your form will be a little tested. As for the manifestations of love, if not passionate, they will be tender and affectionate. You will want to thank your partner for being there, simply by your side. Read the full monthly Cancer horoscope for June.


It’s still the excitement for your sign in this month of June. While others are already thinking of summer holidays, they will keep their heads in the wheel and, unfazed, will continue to press the accelerator pedal. However, you will have to raise your head and look in the rear view mirror. Here’s one period rich in lessons in all areas of life. Read the rest of the horoscope for June Leo.


Your last month of the second trimester will be calmer. Finally, you can take a break from work and start planning your summer vacation. In dazzling form, you will want to surprise those around you, to provide pleasure to those you love. However, you will have to be reasonable if you do not want to weigh down your holiday budget! Read the rest of the horoscope for June Virgo.


Want to breathe a little during this month of June? Well, you will have to be patient. Your professional activity will require you to keep the rhythm of the previous months. But it won’t affect your social life and your health. You will know how to combine everything. For the best and for… the best! Read more about Libra’s monthly horoscope for June.


If you have caused changes in your professional life the previous month, you will have to bear the consequences during the month of June. Which means you will have work to be done… There will then be little room left for the rest. Roll on summer and holidays! Read the rest of the monthly horoscope for Scorpio.


Well, why this drop in morale in this beautiful month of June? You will want to throw everything in your professional activity. This behavior will cause you some problems with your hierarchy. That’s why you might have tendency to take refuge in the sentimental and emotional domain. Health, meanwhile, will be capricious. Read the rest of the horoscope for the month of June Sagittarius.


During your month of June, a period may open up, professionally speaking, ofacquisition of skills and knowledge. In the sentimental field, communication will be crystal clear. In the field of health, a small test will have to be overcome. Read more about Capricorn’s June horoscope.


It will move in your astral sky, under thecombined influence of Jupiter and Saturn ! Especially in the professional field: there will be hardships but also a lot of recognition. You will end this first semester of the year with a smile. In love, it’s dead calm. For couples and singles alike. As for your health, it can be summed up in three letters: RAS Read the rest of the horoscope for June Aquarius.


For you, this month of June is a consolidation period. After experiencing some instability, you will rebuild new solid foundations, whether in your relationship or in your professional activity. You breathe deeply and will be ready to roll up your sleeves to give your life a great boost. Read the rest of the horoscope for the month of Pisces for June.

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