June 1: find out what changes for motorists!

For this month of June, few changes are to be expected for motorists. Vehicles with the Crit’Air 4 sticker will no longer be able to drive in Greater Paris.

As often at the beginning of the month, several changes are made for the French. gas prices, purchasing power, or Crit’Air sticker, this month of June is less loaded with adjustments than the previous one.

You can also find them, as usual, on the official government website.

Traffic ban for Crit’ Air 4 & 5 in Greater Paris

There are regulatory changes Crit Air in Ile-de-France. Indeed, from the month of June, vehicles with a sticker Crit’Air 4 glued to the windshield will no longer be able to drive in the low emission zones of the Greater Parisin addition to Paris intra muros (entered into force last year).

Which vehicles are affected?

Concretely, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.diesel cars built before 2006, and those with petrol engines before 1997 will no longer be able to drive in Week.

This prohibition remains valid every day for trucks and buses. If the motorist does not respect the regulations, a fine of 68 euros may be applied. And to circulate in a ZFE, the corresponding Crit’Air sticker must be affixed to the windshield.

Reminder of the vehicles concerned:

  • them pre-2006 diesel vehicles ;
  • them gasoline vehicles from before 1997 ;
  • them pre-July 2004 motorized two-wheelers.

An area that is still growing in Ile de France

Concretely, the area is even more extensive compared to last year. Compared to the map below, the previous zone extended mainly in the spaces located in the perimeter of the A86 mainly.

Looking at the new area, it remains largely similar on the western flank, integrating Viroflay as well as Velizy-Villacoublay in addition.

On the southern part, the zone stops at Viry-Châtillon, in the south-east it extends to Varennes Jarcy. To the east, the ZFE stops near Champ-sur-Marne and extends to the northeast at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport. To the north and north-west, the new area includes the town of Argenteuil and extends to the north of Saint Denis.

What changes for the previous month?

A month ago, the changes made were even more numerous. To read in detail all the news from May 1st, follow this link.

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