Elodie Gossuin quits her job... to replace Sylvie Tellier?  His "health problems"

Elodie Gossuin has decided to leave her post on RFM, after 7 years of hosting the morning show. Is Miss France 2001 preparing to succeed Sylvie Tellier at the head of the Miss France company?

Elodie Gossuin made a big decision. After seven years of good and loyal service, Miss France 2001 leaves the morning RFMas she became the first woman in charge of a morning show on music radio in 2015. Although the bubbly blonde made that decision with “a pinch at the heart“, she is certain of her choice: “It was a necessary decision for my family and for me. I’ve been getting up between 3 and 4 in the morning for seven years, doing other professional activities and my second day as a mom. I feel the need to take a breather“, she told the Parisian.

Elodie Gossuin suffered from health problems

The mother of the twins Jules and Rose, 14, and Léonard and Joséphine, 8wish “put the family at the center of his life andmake his mother rebook“by dropping off his children “in front of the school gate shouting ‘I love you!'”.

In addition, Elodie Gossuin clarified: “I also had some health issues this year, so I have to take care of myself“. But the wife of Bertrand Lacherie did not wish “go into details” and simply explained: “My rhythm did not allow me to really recover from this quirky daily life. (…), I had to rest a little“.

Elodie Gossuin, ready to replace Sylvie Tellier?

Elodie Gossuin, however, ensures that she will return to the airwaves. For her, the radio is “a passion and it’s addictive“.”Necessarily, i will miss it. But today I aspire to a schedule more compatible with my life as a mom. And I know how lucky I was. There is little place given to women on the radio, or as a stooge for a better-known presenter“, she told the Parisian.

Does Miss France 2001 leave the airwaves to replace Sylvie Tellierwhich should soon leave her post as general manager of the Miss France company? Nay! Elodie Gossuin does not want to sit in Sylvie Tellier’s chair. “I am fully aware of all that entails and concessions to be madewhich would be totally contradictory with my decision to leave the morning show of RFM and dedicate myself to my loved ones. And even 21 years later, I remain amazed by the fairy tale side of the contest. But because I remain on the side of the viewers. The other side of the decor would remove glitter from what I see from the competition“, she concluded.

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