Baby pacifiers: the best baby pacifiers

In silicone or rubber, find out how to choose the right pacifier for your baby’s age. Also find our selection of the best lollipops.

The nipple is often an essential for babies. By sucking it, they reproduce the suction movement they exert on the breast or the bottle, and this reassures them. You must know that, like bottle teats, pacifiers must be age-appropriate. For infant pacifiers, opt for the 0-6 or 0-3 months. For older children, there are several sizes: 0-6 months, 6 to 18 months, over 18 months… In addition, the shape of the pacifier itself is important, and each child will have their preference: the classic formcalled “anatomical” has a symmetrical rounded tip, and can be put in the mouth in one direction or the other. The “physiological” form has an asymmetrical tip, designed so that the palate develops harmoniously. Then comes the material. Again, each child will have their preference! The silicone nipple is transparent, flexible, soft, has no taste or smell, and lasts longer. The rubber tote is brown, even more flexible, and lasts less long. However, it won’t make a difference if your baby doesn’t have a strong need to suck. Finally, you have to think about the shape of the shield. There is the classic, full, and the empty (as on the MAM teats for example), which allowsavoid irritation around the mouth due to drooling, discharge or nasal secretions. Afterwards, it’s up to you to indulge yourself: colored, transparent, patterned, personalized pacifier, with animals, fantasy… We find everything!

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