Baby nasal aspirator: manual or electric, which one to choose?

When an infant’s nostrils are congested, the baby nasal aspirator comes in handy. If the parents and the child do not really like this step, it is nevertheless very effective. Find our advice and our selection of baby nasal aspirators.

Infants with colds cannot clear their nostrils on their own. It is therefore necessary to use a Baby Fly to decongest his little nose and allow him to breathe properly. It’s an unpleasant moment for everyone, but it has the merit of being effective and relieving the child. There are three kinds of baby aspirators. There is the manual baby nasal aspirator, with a pear. It has the advantage of being easy to use and to be taken everywhere. The baby nasal aspirator is less easy to carry, but it is just as effective. If it attracts little parents, it nevertheless has the positive point of allowing the suction force to be regulated. And there are now models with filters to prevent secretions from entering the mouth of the aspirator. Finally, we now find electric baby aspirators. They are very easy to use, but sometimes more difficult to clean. It’s up to the parents to see which method they prefer. In all cases, the procedure is the same: we lay baby on his side and put physiological saline in his upper nostril. Then, either inhale with the mouth, or turn on the baby nasal aspirator, or empty the air from the pear before inserting it into the lower nostril and gently releasing. Then we do the same thing on the other side. Manual, suction or electric, find the baby nasal aspirator you need in our selection.

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