What happens to Soizic Corne, "twice dead" TV star?  His dramas

Soizic Corne marked the minds of millions of viewers with his sparkling smile and his memorable sympathy. It has been several decades since the ex-host disappeared from our screens. The past few years have not been easy for the former best friend of the children, as she suffered from several cancers, tragically lost her husband, and even saw his death announced on TV.

Time has passed since the days when Soizic Hornwho celebrated his 76 years old on May 31warmly presented the children’s program The Wednesday Visitors on the small screen, in front of more than 10 million viewers hanging from his lips. Today, the ex-host has somewhat disappeared from the radar … to the point that we announce his death ! Remember, in 2014, on the set of We are not in bed, Laurent Ruquier makes an inappropriate joke about alleged disappearance of the former animator, while Patrick Sabatierhis former co-host of Wednesday Visitorsis a guest on the show.
A sequence which is obviously not to the taste of the main interested party. “I was watching TV, and I heard ‘Soizic Corne is dead’. I was in my bed, in a truly deplorable state. A surgeon, removing a kidney from me, went through and screwed up my bladder. So there I was, with my pockets“, she explains on the set of CNewsbefore adding: “It was recorded on Thursday, so it could have cut“.

“You only die once, for me it will be two”

After the shock, positivity. Soizic Corne chooses to laugh (a little) and confide (a lot) by publishing his work My death… what a jokein 2019.”They say you only die once. For me it will be two“, we read in particular in his book.

She explains that when she hears the terrible joke about his death, the ex-host battle with widespread cancer. What add anguish to his mind, even though the situation is already most frightening. “My body and my brain are tense with a pain that adds to my panic. My brother reassures me in vain, I cannot manage to get rid of this horrible feeling that death is near“, she recalled.

Nostalgic but not melancholy

Today, Soizic Corne tries to put this appalling experience behind it and to look to the future, without forgetting the past. The former animator particularly appreciates meet former fans of the show. “Even now, it still happens: ‘I’ve seen you somewhere before’ or ‘We know each other, don’t we?’. That, I love, the ‘Do we know each other?’ I had another message on Facebook yesterday. Nostalgia, I can understand, as long as it doesn’t turn melancholy. We all have our Proust Madeleines“, she told the Telegram.

If she leaves the team Wednesday Visitors in 1981, it is to become producer and animator from the magazine Feminine Present on TF1then to present the society magazine Free time beside Jean Claude Narcy. In 1986, after years of showing his little face on the small screen, Soizic Corne decided to leave the spotlight to work in advertising within TF1.

Illness, loss and (some) hope

Then she leave everythingby love“, according to his confidences in Telegram and settles in New Caledonia. “Then came the galleys: I have been struggling with cancer since 1989 and my husband fell ill three months after our arrival there.“, she explained. Her husband tragically dies in 1997, following a long illness.

From now on, she says that she lives on the 7th floor of a building of Lorient, in Brittany. She passes the time by writing or painting canvases representing fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, she is currently battling a 5th canceras she announced in October 2019 on the show Morandini Live. Wish him to win (for good) this final fight!

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