Vegetable charcoal, the benefits of a black detox

Vegetable charcoal is on the rise! Renowned for its detoxifying and purifying properties, this 100% natural active ingredient can be used both in cooking and in cosmetics. Demonstration.

An asset that wants you well

Vegetable charcoal is the result of the combustion at very high temperatures of vegetable matter, such as wood, straw or coconut shells. Composed mainly of carbon, this odorless and tasteless black powder has an extraordinary absorption capacity. This remarkable porosity acts as a natural filter, which fixes gases and toxic molecules.

The use of vegetable charcoal is not new. The Egyptians already used it as a remedy for intoxication and poisoning, and to purify water. Even today, vegetable charcoal is often administered to fight against digestive discomfort (bloating, flatulence, stomach aches). It is also a very fashionable ingredient in the food sphere. Many chefs and influencers use vegetable charcoal as a natural food coloring to bring a touch of originality to savory or sweet recipes: black burger (bun with vegetable charcoal), ice cream, croissant, smoothie, juice, cocktails… is not all, vegetable charcoal is also invited in our bathrooms.

Vegetable charcoal, a precious beauty ally

Thanks to its properties, vegetable charcoal also offers many beauty applications, especially for the skin. This recognized multifunction active ingredient absorbs the pollutants and toxins that accumulate on the skin’s surface and eliminates impurities, which limits the appearance of pimples and blackheads. After its passage, the skin is purified and deeply cleansed.

A specialist in natural and organic cosmetics, SO’BiO étic® is launching the Clean’Yuzu charcoal mask, a purifying mask that combines the benefits of charcoal, organic yuzu and PCA zinc. Intended specifically for oily skin with imperfections, its formula composed of 99% ingredients of natural origin absorbs excess sebum, unclogs and tightens pores for clean skin. And it works ! Imperfections are visibly reduced from the first use and the skin is deeply purified. This treatment with proven effectiveness reveals a gray gel texture and a vitaminized fragrance, enough to enjoy a real moment of well-being at home. Conclusion, coal is all good.

In & Out beauty routine: the superpowers of charcoal on video

They did it: Estelle and Matthieu prepared a vegetable charcoal detox mousse while applying a purifying charcoal mask. Check out the video!

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