The best cane strollers for babies

Compact and light, the cane stroller is very practical as a booster stroller and for taking walks with your baby. Double, approved for birth or equipped with a reclining seat… Follow the guide to find the model that suits your needs.

With the arrival of a baby, the purchase of a stroller is of course a must. Indispensable for moving easily and safely with your child, a pushchair can be used from an early age (in pram version) and up to 3 or 4 years old. The cane stroller is a second age stroller, suitable for babies from 9 months, up to 3 years (about 15 kg). Very light and compact, it is perfectly suited to urban families who have little space to store it. Indeed, this type of model folds up on itself and then stands upright, like a cane, from which it takes its name. The child is installed facing the road and must be able to sit up himself.

But how do you choose the model of cane stroller that you need? Several criteria must be taken into account. The first concerns the size and folding of the model. The latter must be easy and quick, so as not to waste time opening and folding the stroller. It may be useful to check its dimensions once folded, for example in order to store it in a closet or car trunk. In the same vein, the weight of the stroller is an important criterion. The main advantage of this type of model is indeed to be light, to carry it under the arm once folded. Comfort must also be taken into account, so that your child is comfortable there: padding, height of the frame, attachment system, inclination of the backrest, are all elements to examine carefully. Accessories can also contribute to optimal comfort, both for you and for baby: retractable protection against rain and sun, safety arch, or storage basket. Finally, it is good to check that the model meets French or European safety requirements: therefore check the presence of the mentions “NF S 54001” or “EN 1888”.

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