Manicure 2022: nail polish trends to adopt this summer

This season, the focus is on the nails. Varnish becomes essential again to perfect the beauty. From pastel to royal blue, discover all the colors to wear in the summer of 2022. Close-up on the top of the trend new arrivals.

the nail polish is always so trendy! This little colorful bottle sublimates the hands in no time. In this year 2022, we use and abuse soft and regressive colors. Side manicurewe give pride of place to clean varnishes and to Very Peri, the Pantone color of the year which comes perfectly on our nails.

What nail polish colors for summer 2022?

This summer, we pay tribute once again to the pastel with lilac, baby pink, light blue and mint. These delicate colors are applied to the nails for our greatest pleasure.

the Very Peri will be the flagship tone of the year so it will obviously accompany our manicures to perfection. Also on trend are tangy shades such as turquoise blue or yellow, and more frank tones reminiscent of those of precious stones such as Emerald green.

the blue signs its big comeback and is available in many versions according to your desires. Royal blue, electric or pastel, you will love wearing it on your short nails, whatever your complexion.

What are the trendiest manicures in 2022?

The clean and vegan manicure is undoubtedly THE trend of the season. Brands are working more and more on their formulas to use only natural ingredients such as coconut oil, beets, sugar cane… Varnishing your nails is becoming a green gesture and we like that.

Black and white are popular in 2022. This duo comes together in a super trendy checkerboard pattern. This graphic nail art can be worn on one nail or on all, for a more extravagant manicure.

  • Rainbow French manicure

The classic French is revisited in a colorful version. The rendering is still just as sophisticated but with an added touch of originality.

In 2022, the nail is adorned with a 3D detail for an artistic and easy to achieve manicure.

  • The holographic top coat

This year more than ever, the top coat is a must-have. Dior unveils a top coat that sublimates the nail with a holographic veil. It can be applied over any nail polish for a shiny and iridescent finish to die for.

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