Bowl, mug, bread box, coffee cup, butter dish… So many accessories that come out of the cupboards when breakfast time has come. As a family, as a couple or alone, here’s something to start the day on the right foot with these breakfast essentials.

It is said that it is the most important meal of the day, it’s, it’s, it’s… breakfast of course! Whether taken around a table with the family or with a roommate, as a duo in bed or on your own, breakfast is an essential moment to wake up and recharge your batteries. And that, the decoration team of the Journal des Femmes understood it well so here is a selection of accessories specially designed for those who like to put the dishes in the big ones, in the morning.

Whether you prefer tea, coffee, fruit juice or milk, it doesn’t matter, cups and mugs will become allies of choice to enjoy your favorite hot or cold drinks. Team cereals? Adopt a stylish bowl. Team buttered toast? Opt for a woody butter dish with its butter knife and arrange your creations on a beautiful dessert plate. And so that your baguette keeps all its crispness, c̶r̶o̶q̶u̶e̶z go for a bread box that is as practical as it is aesthetic, if, if possible. Fancy a breakfast in bed? You need a large serving tray mounted on legs, very stable. Also bet on pretty patterned napkins to wipe up everything that needs to be and let yourself be warmed up by a copper pink French press coffee maker and a black, white and woody toaster.

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