15 fashion TikTok accounts that have us addicted

It’s the social network that has been shaking up the codes for nearly a year, and fashion is no exception! Via profiles of very stylish personalities, the fashion sphere ignites with inspiring mini videos.

Instagram would therefore no longer be the only social network for fashion stars? It seems not! For several seasons, TikTok has been taken over by brands and style personalities who use it to showcase their latest looks. First famous for dance videos, this social network is gradually becoming a fashion influencer. Like bloggers, TikTok fashion influencers find themselves in the front row of fashion shows and the platform is even sometimes used by creators to broadcast their shows. Before starting your digital detox, here are the 15 TikTok accounts which you should look into to know everything about the latest trends!

Who is she ? A designer seamstress committed to a more virtuous fashion. A fan of peppy colors and extravagant combinations, this Parisian hunts in thrift stores as fast as her shadow.

Its content : colorful looks, thrift store hauls, vintage inspirations.

His TikTok: www.tiktok.com/@zoehtq

Who is she ? A real fashion addict! Through her social networks, she shares her streetstyles worn around the world. Sometimes chic, sometimes streetwear and always a bit daring, Marta Sierra is a real fashion chameleon.

Its content : daring looks, crazy poses, a fashionable visit to Paris…

His TikTok: www.tiktok.com/@marta__sierra

Who is she ? A stylish Australian fashionista to the tips of her nails. On the lookout for trends, she displays her sharp looks and delivers her secrets for outfits that match!

Its content : perfectly assembled looks, luxury pieces, some DIY.

His TikTok: www.tiktok.com/@maxinewylde

Who is she ? Stylist and content creator, thanks to her looks, Eve-Lily brings retro up to date. Queen of mix & match, she combines prints and materials to perfection. We love !

Its content : prints, color blocks and a good dose of originality.

His TikTok: www.tiktok.com/@evelilycp

Who he is ? A 29-year-old ultra fashion American model. Floral pants, crop top, colorful layering and cowboy style, Everett Williams dares and the result is great!

Its content : Luxury items, DIY, fashion genderless.

His TikTok: www.tiktok.com/@everettwilliams

Jacquemus: the quirky creator

Who he is ? A designer with a southern accent who loves art with a capital A, lavender and Aya Nakamura. Already very present on Instagram, he landed on TikTok with his freshness and humor and it feels good!

Its content : inspiring travel posts, quirky images of his collections, videos of him!

His TikTok : www.tiktok.com/@jacquemus

Who is she ? Editor of children’s magazines, Karina Vigier launches on TikTok with her daughter to overcome boredom during confinement. The magic happens and she suddenly finds herself at the head of a huge community. Her bold and sharp looks, her freshness and her benevolence made her an ambassador for the application when it was launched in France.

Its content : Looks to copy at every age, challenges that are not taken seriously.

His TikTok : www.tiktok.com/@karinavigier

Young Emperors: the fashion couple

Who they are ? Nelson Tiberghien and Isabelle Chaput are two Frenchies who met in Paris while studying photography. In love with style and in love with each other, they quickly decided to invade social networks together to make people discover their artistic universe. To follow without moderation!

Their content : very fashionable and completely crazy videos, coordinated looks, montages.

Their TikTok : www.tiktok.com/@young_emperors

Léa Elui: the new generation star

Who is she ? Instagram’s most followed Frenchwoman took over TikTok in less time than it takes you to open the app. Little protected by Baptiste Giabiconi, Léa Elui is in the top 50 international of this social network. Thank you angelic face!

Its content : dances, dances… And dances in crop tops!

His TikTok : www.tiktok.com/@leaelui

Carla Ginola: the creative fashionista

Who is she ? The daughter of football player David Ginola is a real fashionista. And it already makes everyone agree by multiplying collaborations with well-chosen brands. Between her travels around the world and her XXL wardrobe, you will quickly become addicted.

Its content : advice, tips, luxury bags.

His TikTok : www.tiktok.com/@carlaginola

Denise Mercedes: fashion for everyone

Who is she ? Plus size model and clothing designer, Denise is a body positive activist! Always sexy and smiling, she makes you want to play with her dressing room whatever her size. With her 2.6 million subscribers on TikTok, we can say that the brunette is making the buzz.

Its content : inspiring looks, duet videos with other influencers, dance montages!

His TikTok : www.tiktok.com/@denisemmercedes

Veronika Molnar: the personal shopper

Who is she ? This Hungarian fashionista based in California is a real fashion addict. On her social networks, she gives her advice on how to appropriate trends, find inspiring everyday outfits, unearth stylish items! We love her style and her humor (to see: the videos where she copies the looks of the creators).

Its content : Advice videos, montages that we want to copy, parodies of parades.

His TikTok : www.tiktok.com/@whatverowears

Wisdom Kaye: the male reference

Who he is ?Best dressed guy on TikTok” according vogue, Wisdom is a real reference for Generation Z. Its modern and uninhibited look makes you want to renew your wardrobe. His specialty: mixing styles to perfection… And making quirky videos!

Its content : advice for men and women, jokes, copies of inspiring looks.

His TikTok : www.tiktok.com/@wisdm8

Camila Coelho: the super influencer

Who is she ? A former saleswoman at Macy’s who became a superstar thanks to an inspiring Youtube channel and very well managed social networks. Her sense of style did the rest! Today, TikTok is no exception and the American is followed there for her beauty and fashion looks!

Its content : videos of her clothes and luxurious pieces, advice, intimate videos of her loved ones.

His TikTok:


Which look is your favourite? ????@camilacoelhocollection ##style

♬ original sound – CCC


Nylon: the fashion medium

Who he is ? An American magazine that talks about fashion and beauty in a modern way on social networks.

Its content : addictive fashion and beauty videos, regressive delusions, shopping inspirations.

His TikTok : www.tiktok.com/@nylonmag

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