What it is ?

The Powder Browswhich could be translated as “powdered eyebrows”, are semi-permanent cosmetic tattoos that fill in gaps, correct asymmetries and give the impression of fuller, denser and better structured eyebrows.

The ultra-natural, soft and discreet result, which is similar to light makeup with sheer powder, lasts two to five years, depending on our skin type and environmental factors; after which the pigment gradually fades until it disappears entirely.

During the first appointment with the technician, we talk about the expected result (shade sought, dream curve, desired thickness, etc.) The eyebrow region is then numbed with an anesthetic cream, then our arches are drawn in pencil to delimit it shape and correct small imperfections before treatment.

Immediately after, the pigment is applied using a small, mechanized tattoo needle, which tints the eyebrows two or three times in succession (as needed) to ensure that the color is absorbed into the skin. The pain is really minimal after local anesthesia.

The appointment lasts about two hours, and you leave the clinic with slightly swollen and above all very dark eyebrows – this is normal, the shade will fade a lot (from 30% to 40%) in the days following the treatment, peeling delicately. Note that it is important not to tear off dead skin, at the risk of removing the pigment!

It takes five to 10 days to see the real result, light and delicate. A few weeks later, we go to the second appointment, a sort of copy-paste of the first treatment, in order to intensify the color, adjust the shade and correct any asymmetries if necessary.

Who is it for ?

Ideal for people with light hair or graying, less abundant or sparse eyebrows, the treatment Powder Brows is a great solution for anyone looking to have perfect arches at all times (highlighted, structured, colored, symmetrical and supported).

“It also allows you to restructure or completely redraw the eyebrows, as well as to give the impression of fuller and denser hair,” says Marie-Audrée Caouette, expert in cosmetic tattooing.

Good to know

As for the Lip Blush – and any other semi-permanent tattoo, avoid taking aspirin and ibuprofen, as well as drinking alcohol, before tattoo sessions, since these thin the blood and sensitize the epidermis .

Our Verdict

After a bit of a scare coming out of the first date due to the intensity, bright and dark, of the eyebrow color (although we were warned that the pigment would fade quickly), we are extremely happy with the result. final. Bye-bye, pencil and eyebrow powder that we used religiously every morning!

The budget

$650 for both cosmetic eyebrow tattoo sessions.

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