Sundays, alcohol that is drunk (almost) like water

At first glance, it looks like a bottle of flavored sparkling water, just normal. Five flavors to choose from, including cucumber-basil, grapefruit-bergamot or even mango-passion fruit. To taste, the same. Little or nothing suggests that Sundays are different from conventional flavored sparkling waters. Looking at the bottles more closely, one detail nevertheless jumps out: the 4% alcohol content. The equivalent, or almost, of a beer. Because the Zurich brand produces hard seltzer.

Born in the United States about ten years ago, these drinks are increasingly present in Europe. And Switzerland is no exception. Several brands have emerged in our country. On this side of the Sarine, the Vaudois brasserie Docteur Gab’s notably markets its Okipic, with flavors of red fruits or lemon-lemongrass. But the Zurich brand Sundays claims to be unique. Why? “Sundays is the first and only hard seltzer made entirely in Switzerland, premium quality based on all-natural ingredients.» And the Zurich-based start-up wants to be ambitious. She hopes to “change the way Switzerland consumes”, no more and no less. We admit that, on this last point, we have a slight doubt…

Three ingredients for a simple recipe

To achieve this, Sundays relies on the classic recipe of hard seltzer, which is quite simple. It is made with three ingredients: carbonated water from the Swiss mountains, “for a different refreshment”, natural fruit flavors, “for a light but sophisticated taste” and, fermented alcohol – not distilled –, “for an invigorating boost”. Low in calories – it takes 70 for a 33 cl bottle –, with no added sugars, colorings or preservatives, the Sundays are intended to be a “conscious and responsible pleasure”. They are in line with fashion healthyever more present.

Their slogan: “Sundays. For fun days.» For fun, of course. But it can also be tricky. The taste of alcohol is almost imperceptible, masked by fruit aromas. We quickly forget that we are drinking an alcoholic drink. However, you have to be aware of it, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises when you wake up the next morning…

Sundays Hard Seltzer. Online, and in Manor and Globus Delicatessa stores, among others. find all the articles in the “One day, an idea” section.

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