Morane, 24 years old: “I prefer comfortable clothes, which I find in thrift stores”

“I come from Sion, in Valais, and came to Geneva for my studies. I was interested in fashion when I was younger. I followed the parades, the fashion weeks, etc But I got a little tired of this universe, even if I still have a look at it on the networks. Above all, I prefer comfortable clothes, which I mainly find in thrift stores. This is where you can find unique pieces, and it’s always better than the fast fashion! I like to combine somewhat basic pieces with an original element, whether in terms of fabric or color. I also “steal” clothes from my parents. My mother was pretty flirtatious when she was young, so I like to borrow her old clothes. At my father’s, I’ll rather look for jackets and sweaters oversized.”

“I found my jacket in second hand at Emmaüs. I like her look oversized and its color. She also has fairly pronounced shoulder pads, which remind me of Balenciaga outfits from a few years ago.

“My high, it’s my mother’s. I rummaged through his belongings on my way home to Zion to find him. It comes from Tally Weijl, I believe. I love its flashy color and its very elastic material, in which I feel very comfortable.”

“My tattoos have no special meanings. The one on my sternum means “occult” phonetically, and I made it with my best friend. In my back is a large piece inspired by the work of a Japanese painter: Toshio Saeki, who died in 2019.

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“This jeans is the most basic. I like to wear it, because it literally goes with everything. And as a general rule, I choose a rather baggy fit; I don’t like wearing tight pants.”

“I’ve been wearing these for three years now. shoes Buffalo almost every day. I’m going to have to buy some soon, they’re starting to get really screwed up (laughs). I like to wear platform shoes. A few years ago, it was quite original, but today everyone has started to wear it.

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