Good fries are made with Valentine

With 80% of its products delivered all over the world, Valentine is one of the few Swiss brands (with Bernina, Victorinox, etc.) that uphold the values ​​of the “Swiss made” label. But the family business based in Romanel-sur-Morges remains very attached to its roots. This is what it will demonstrate this year to mark its 70th anniversary, with open days and tastings. A book retracing its success will be published at the end of the year.

The story begins in 1947. René Paris was a restaurant owner in Lausanne, a cashier very involved in the cantonal association, the equivalent of Gastro Vaud today. “With Aldo Valentini, a gentleman with a very inventive spirit, he developed the first electric fryer with a heating body immersed directly in oil. It was a world first, called Series T,” explains Bernard Paris, who joined his father in 1967. Thanks to the founder’s network in the restaurant business, the revolutionary fryer quickly found its audience in Switzerland. From the 1980s, the company which became Valentine Fabrique SA in 1987, in a nod to the inventor, started exporting fryers abroad.

“Optimal control”

What explains their success? “To obtain crispy fries, the potatoes are prepared in two stages at different temperatures and times,” says the chef. Philippe Ligron, brand ambassador. Valentine fryers allow optimal control of this cooking in two stages.

Currently, the brand has 11 models of fryers intended for gastronomy professionals, as well as seven models of table fryers, including the TF3@HOME, the Valentine fryer intended for private customers. But also plate warmers and pasta cookers. One hundred and twenty machines are produced every week in the factory. From design to packaging, everything happens in-house. Even the sheaths are made to measure.

Since 2010, the three grandchildren of René Paris have held the reins of Valentine: Christophe Paris as Managing Director, Stéphanie Berthet-Paris in the Purchasing and Human Resources Department, and Julien Paris as Head of the Innovation and Research Department. & development.

Valentine, ZI du Moulin du Choc E, Romanel-sur-Morges (VD), tel. 021 637 37 40, Mon-Fri 7.30am-12pm and 1.30pm-5pm,

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