Gelatomania inaugurates an ice cream with Mexican flavors

Launched in 1997 in Geneva, Gelatomania’s artisanal ice creams quickly won over the public and multiplied the brand’s stores across the city. In 2020, the chain was bought by Alexis Kern, David Cardellini and Laurent Berney, and set out to conquer Champel and the Old Town. A masterstroke in terms of the makeover of the points of sale, which have since been given a more contemporary and personalized design, while the search for perfumes continues.

“Each season, the experiments continue. New flavors come from our travels and encounters. Sometimes it doesn’t work at all!” ironically Laurent Berney. “Among the latest achievements, for example, is a perfume based on natural cider from the Cidrerie du Vulcain in Fribourg, for the brand new Blé noir creperie, inaugurated in Carouge by restaurateur Benjamin Luzuy.” Alongside unbeatable flavors such as pineapple-basil or chocolate, the Gelatomania containers are therefore regularly filled with limited editions that last around a month and a half. Among the latest are the tastes of chai with spices, popcorn with butter, as well as a pineapple and olive oil flavor inspired by French chef Alain Passard.

Corn, chilli and lemons

The last of them will be varnished on Wednesday June 8 in the arcade of the rue de l’Ecole-de-Médecine. The district, famous for its museums and contemporary art galleries, turns out to be the ideal location to invite Virginie Morillo, an artist who navigates between the childish and the grotesque. For the occasion, the Genevan designed the decoration as well as a perfume inspired by Mexico, which for her went from being a temporary destination during an artist residency in 2012 to an annual pilgrimage.

“I was inspired by a very popular soft drink, the michelada, which mixes beer, tomato juice, lime, salt and chilli. With head ice cream maker Claudio Bignotti, we conducted several trials to provide an experience in the mouth. I loved working with him, he seemed like a real conductor in the middle of the turbines spinning in the laboratory. The end result, we combined popcorn and coated in salt and chili with an ice cream made with smoked lemons and limes.” Fondant and crunchy, spicy and refreshing, here is “Diablita”. The name of the perfume suits this artist who willingly plays with the notion of sacred and profane…

Gelatomania. Opening of the Diablita ice cream on Wednesday June 8 from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., rue de l’Ecole-de-Médecine 6, Geneva. find all the articles in the “One day, an idea” section.

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