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Would you like us to recommend a nice restaurant and an original visit to Ticino? Take a look at the Ticino Gourmet Tour initiative, which accompanies tourists in three activities: eating, drinking and discovering the region. Through photos, videos, recipes, food and wine pairings and tourist proposals, it presents the treasures of the canton.

Some 70 restaurants – from starred establishments to grotto locals, from terraces overlooking the lake to restaurants in historic centers – have been rigorously selected to participate in the initiative, designed by Sapori Ticino (which has also been organizing the S. Pellegrino Sapori Ticino Festival for sixteen years), in collaboration with Ticino Turismo, GastroTicino, Ticinowine, the Agrifood Competence Center and regional tourist organisations.

Offer alternative routes to tourists

All the participants have made the quality of their food and their wines, as well as the importance of local ingredients, their philosophy, explains Valentina Merra, project manager. “The objective is to give visibility to the excellence of the territory by providing visitors with a 360-degree tourist and gastronomic experience.” For example, having lunch in a place in the middle of nature one day and, the next day, having dinner in a trendy restaurant in the heart of the city center.

Very recently, the wine canteens have been added to the project, offering wine routes. Soon, cheeses will also be integrated. “Ticino has extraordinary alpine cheeses,” she smiles.

At the same time, the natural and cultural gems of the surroundings can be discovered thanks to geolocations. “Among the places to discover are the charming little corners frequented by the people of Ticino; the site includes information frominsiders that you can’t find in the guides,” says Dany Stauffacher, CEO of Sapori Ticino.

The township is so vast and tourists are concentrated in a few places, he observes. “We want to unclog the sites, offering alternative routes. For example, if you arrive at the piazza of Ascona and all the restaurants are full, by searching the site using geolocation, you will find a good plan in the neighborhood.

Ticino Gourmet Tour. find all the articles in the “One day, an idea” section.

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